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Integrating your business

Your own Microsoft
integration company?

Always wanted to start your own integration business, but never felt quite ready to jump? Talk to us!

Give your business a flying start,
with Codit International

Codit and Axon Olympus, two of the most successful BizTalk integration specialists in Europe, have joined forces to take Microsoft integration to the next level.
Codit International has the ambition to become the European center of expertise in the field of Application Integration

Is this you?

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to become the Microsoft integration partner of choice in your local market? If you have the ambition, we will fully support you. In this franchising concept, the business is co-owned by you. You reap the benefits of your success!

What you can count on:

  • The strong Codit brand
  • 75 integration experts to support you
  • Proven standards and procedures
  • Large portfolio of unique and proven integration solutions
  • A tried and tested marketing and sales approach, ensuring a full pipeline of leads and projects
  • Vast experience in the execution of successful integration projects, hence many international reference cases.
Talk to us

If you are interested in starting your own business and are ready to jump,
talk to us or drop us a line.

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